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Raman spectroscopy used like a GPS to map toughening in zirconia

Polarized confocal Raman spectroscopy can be used like a GPS to study ferroelastic domain transformation in ceria-stabilized zirconia.

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What Is My (Nano)Material Good For?

Whatever happened to curiosity-driven research aimed at the creation of fundamental knowledge without the need for immediate application?

Stuffing nuclear waste glasses

Research into waste management is a major part of international nuclear policy. New work offers an in-depth look into one solution, glasses.

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Two Layers are Better than One for Nitric Oxide Detection

Nitric oxide detectors made of two to four layers of MoS2 incorporated into a field-effect transistor outperform a single-layered device.

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To protect and be served: the structural strength of fish scales

Fish aren’t just for eating; their scales could also act as an excellent protective material, say a group of researchers.

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MaterialsViews Interviews: Francis Waller

Former Air Products and Chemicals senior researcher Francis Waller discusses intellectual property for today’s chemist.

MaterialsViews Interviews: Quan Li

Quan Li tells MaterialsViews about his work on semiconductors and liquid crystals.

Polymer International – IUPAC Award 2012 Nominations Closing

Nominations for the third Polymer International – IUPAC Award, celebrating the achievements of young researchers in the polymer community, will close on October the 31st.

In vivo oxygen measurement

For measuring mitochondrial oxygen pressure clinically, just apply a cream on the skin.

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Waterproof your Walkman – Superhydrophobic ZnO Device Components

The development of nanostructured ZnO components for devices could lead to inherently waterproof electronic devices.

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