Time has come for electric aircraft

Time has come for electric aircraft

Airbus Group is now setting its sights on achieving silent, CO2-free, all-electric flight for both unmanned and passenger aircraft over the next three decades.

Compact tool for laser marking


A new all-in-one industrial laser unit is marking a broad spectrum of materials.

New class of industrial polymers discovered


New experimental polymers delivers cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable materials ideal for electronics, aerospace, airline and automotive industries.

World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


MarkForged have introduced the Mark One 3D printer, which can print parts from continuous carbon fibers.

Award-winning lightweight design

Award-winning lightweight design

GF Automotive gets the Lightweight Award for their magnesium high-pressure die-casting oil conduct module.

Conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens


Researchers adapt mobile phones and smart phones to the carrying habits of their users.

Cobalt boron alloyed cast material

Cobalt boron alloyed cast material

Development of cobalt and boron alloyed steel with more resistance at high temperatures avoids CO2 emission and increases the efficiency of power plants.

Atomically thin solar cells

Atomically Thin Solar Cells 01

Ultrathin layers made of tungsten and selenium may be used as flexible, semi-transparent solar cells.

Tiny Step Edges, Big Step for Surface Science

Big Step for Surface Science

Experiments at the Vienna University of Technology can explain the behavior of electrons at tiny step edges on titanium oxide surface.

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New wood-based production plants to save material

New wood-based production plants

Retrofit or new plant? This is the question machinery and plant manufacturer Siempelkamp will answer at the Xylexpo fair from May 13 to 17 this year.