Dolls, robots and dinosaurs: 3D printing system for kids

Mattel is introducing a 3D printing system of mobile app plus printer to produce toys.

Nanoparticles for biomedical applications

An international, interdisciplinary team is developing highly porous biomaterials for localised release of therapeutic ions and drugs

The tiniest color picture ever printed

Scrona Ltd. and the ETH Zurich have been announced official World Record Holders for the smallest inkjet-printed colour image

Cutting-edge displays at CES 2016

Further development of OLED technology leads in commercial solutions.

New technique offers strong, flawless 3D printed ceramics

Researchers have developed a way to create ceramics using 3D printing that results in a strong material with little tendency to crack

The world’s first automated sinter test facility

With a new sinter test facility, thyssenkrupp optimizes the composition for steelmaking using different raw materials efficiently

Entering a hidden world: the infosphere

A new tablet application visualizes the surrounding network of signals

Hywind Pilot Wind Park in Scotland

Statoil plans to build the first floating wind farm off the Scottish coast

Tata Steel announce major solar project

Tata Steel has unveiled plans to create one of the world’s largest solar energy projects of its kind in the Netherlands

Wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods

The increased use of wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods