ThyssenKrupp concludes offtake agreement with NioCorp

ThyssenKrupp concludes offtake agreement with NioCorp

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products has expanded its product portfolio and concluded an offtake agreement for ferroniobium with NioCorp Developments Ltd.

Researchers find the recipe for degradable implants

Researchers found the recipe for degradable implants

Fraunhofer researchers have developed load bearing, biodegradable implants that are completely degraded in the body.

Electric car with aluminum-air battery can go the distance


Alcoa and Phinergy build a demo car powered by a aluminum-air battery that can greatly extend travel range.

Multifunctional coating for public touch displays


Schott introduces what it claims to be the first permanently anti-reflective and oleophobic coating for touchscreens.

ASK Chemicals receives BMW Innovation Award

ASK Chemicals honored with BMW Innovation Award

New inorganic binders for high-volume series production in engine casting enabled the BMW Group to implement zero-emission foundries with increased productivity and quality.

Bubble-free pumping of liquids in space


Fourth Capillary Channel Flow experiment on the ISS has successfully completed, revealing new possibilities for spaceflight technology and biomedicine.

Processes optimisation and up-scaling for graphene delivery

Processes optimisation and up-scaling for graphene delivery

The NanoMaster Project is reporting exciting results related to graphene and expanded graphite production and the development of novel nanocomposite intermediates.

Compact nuclear fusion reactor


US engineering company Lockheed Martin has reported that it has developed a new design for a fusion reactor that could be in use in a decade.

Strong casted material bond


The research project Gen-Cast at the Foundry Institute RWTH Aachen University has demonstrated successful composite casting.

Engineers develop smart skins for aircrafts


Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detection of injury or damage.