MRS Spring Meeting 2015, April 6–10, San Francisco, USA


This year’s MRS Spring Meeting was again one of the largest ever.

Printed Energy Technologies


A new special issue of Energy Technology addresses areas where advanced energy technology can be printed.

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Video interview: New PI motor


Mark Freyer, Head of the Product Division for Piezoelectric Inertia Motors at Physik Instrumente in Karlsruhe, discusses their new stick-slip piezomotor.

In Memoriam: Professor François Schué, 1938–2014


Issue 5 of Polymer International is a special issue dedicated to the memory of François Schué, former Editor-In-Chief of the journal.

Inauguration of Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award


This year, the 5th Molecular Materials Meeting (M3) will be inaugurating the Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award.

Carbonaceous Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

New work explores efforts using carbonaceous materials to develop highly efficient DSSCs.

Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Symposium

The first symposium in Australia dedicated to the subject of 2D nanomaterials research, 2D15, took place in Melbourne on the 10th-11th March, 2015.

Filter methods for image analysis in microscopy


This webinar explores the most common and important filter methods, including how they work and how they affect the actual image.

Active material properties come alive with 3D printing

A novel movement mechanism – a tiny distortion that initiates a large movement. The microstructures determine how the macroscopic properties of the material will react to different environmental stimuli, such as being pressed or stretched.

3-D printing technology has opened new possibilities for Israel Institute of Technology’s Stephan Rudykh to test his models of active material properties.

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Exploiting Air to Shift Aluminium Nanoparticle Plasmons into the UV

Researchers from from China and Hong Kong have now developed an approach to shrinking Al nanoparticles.

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