Rutgers unveils new $5.2 million microscopy suites

Rutgers University have unveiled two microscopy suites – a scanning transmission electron microscope and a helium ion microscope.

US army funds new metallurgy project

Richard Sisson, George F. Fuller Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and postdoctoral student Danielle Belsito examine a sample of an aluminum alloy under a light microscope in WPI's materials testing laboratory. Image: Worcester Polytechnic Institute/Patrick O'Connor.

WPI is lead institution on $7.4 million army project to design better metals for vehicles.

More efficient forging – on behalf of the EU

More efficient forging – on behalf of the EU

The German-based IPH is optimizing forging together with two other research institutes and four enterprises from five European countries.

Happy 60th birthday, Prof. Grigoriy A. Mun!

Prof Grigoriy Mun

Dr Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy of the University of Reading looks back on the career to date of his friend and mentor Prof. Grigoriy A. Mun.

Todd Siler’s Nano World – Think Billionths of a Meter


Guest writer Professor Geoff Ozin tells us about the inaugural ArtNano show which will be held at The Armory Show, Pier 94, New York, on March 6-9th.

Europewide challenge to Moore’s law begins


New pan-european research projects aims to extend Moore’s law by reducing costs and improve the energy efficiency of electronic devices.

The week in research: February 5th 2014

A roundup of the latest materials science research from the past week.

Fraunhofer Solar Researchers Awarded the 2014 Zayed Future Energy Prize


Prizewinners are selected based on the degree to which they achieve impact, innovation, long-term vision, and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability.

Polymers in Boston at the 2013 MRS Fall Meeting

Polymer scientists at the 2013 MRS Fall meeting in Boston brought another year of materials science research to a close with a bang.

Winter in Boston: the MRS Fall Meeting 2013

Editors Jörn Ritterbusch and Martin Preuss give their take on the 2013 MRS fall meeting, held in Boston from December 1–6.