Polymer International – IUPAC Award 2016 Nominations

The Executive Editorial Board of Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division have announced the 5th award for creativity in applied polymer science or polymer technology.

Eureka moments in Nanochemistry – 2015 Centenary Award


Professor Geoff Ozin has received an RSC Centenary Award – we asked for his thoughts on the research that brought him here.

MRS Spring Meeting 2015, April 6–10, San Francisco, USA


This year’s MRS Spring Meeting was again one of the largest ever.

Conference report: 2nd ERC MIOMIM Meeting 2015, Grenoble


A report from the 2nd ERC BIOMIM meeting, which ran from March the 11th – 13th 2015 at MINATEC in Grenoble, France.

Inauguration of Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award


This year, the 5th Molecular Materials Meeting (M3) will be inaugurating the Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award.

Journal of Polymer Science Poster Prize at the APS March Meeting


Three young polymer scientists are awarded the Journal of Polymer Science Poster Prize for DPOLY at the 2015 APS March meeting.

MRS Spring 2015 Preview: Final show in San Francisco

An outlook to the forthcoming MRS Spring Meeting, to be held from April 6-10, 2015 for the last time in San Francisco, California.

IUMRS recognises pioneers of materials research organisation


The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) recognises three pioneers in the funding and organisation of materials research and development.

Combining family and scientific career? Just do it!


Katharina Landfester (Director, MPI for Polymer Research) describes how she and her husband manage to balance their family life and scientific careers.

Artificial evolution for medical applications


2014 Karl Heinz Beckurts Award goes to Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx.