World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


MarkForged have introduced the Mark One 3D printer, which can print parts from continuous carbon fibers.

Silicon carbide finds its place (in a nuclear reactor)


Toshiba and IBIDEN unveil a prototype silicon carbide fuel assembly cover for use in nuclear power stations.

Award-winning lightweight design

Award-winning lightweight design

GF Automotive gets the Lightweight Award for their magnesium high-pressure die-casting oil conduct module.

Cobalt boron alloyed cast material

Cobalt boron alloyed cast material

Development of cobalt and boron alloyed steel with more resistance at high temperatures avoids CO2 emission and increases the efficiency of power plants.

Pixelligent and ORNL to collaborate on roll-to-roll fabrication

Joint project aims to optimize materials and formulations for improved performance and cost for roll-to-roll manufacturing, including for OLED devices.

Considering Emissions From Amine-Based CO2 Capture Before Deployment

Figure 2.  CSIRO smog chamber facility.

Post-combustion CO2 capture presents a great opportunity to reduce emissions, but some hurdles still exist before widespread deployment can be considered.

Testing solar collectors from the Zugspitze to the Negev Desert

From the German Zugspitze to Israel’s Negev desert, researchers at Fraunhofer ISE are investigating the aging of solar collectors and components under extreme climate conditions. Image copyright Fraunhofer ISE.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer ISE have been investigating the effects of extreme environments on solar collectors.

Microchips that keep their cool up to 300 degrees C

Keeping their cool at 300 °C: the especially compact microchips of Fraunhofer IMS. Image copyright Fraunhofer IMS.

Researchers have fabricated compact SOI CMOS microchips that perform at temperatures the current generation of electronics can’t handle.

Assessing Water Issues in China’s Coal Industry

The development and application of water-saving technologies in all sectors of the coal industry could make a dramatic impact.

Some sectors in the Chinese coal industry are highly water intensive, and water shortages could become a major barrier for further development.

Nissan unveil self-cleaning prototype


Nissan in Europe has begun tests on super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint technology that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt.