Purging the impurities from glass


More efficient refining method using iridium crucible saves 40% energy in glass production.

Tough and pliable: a paper-like ceramic

Tough and pliable A paper-like ceramic

Scientists produce a paper-like ceramic material which is as hard as copper, yet flexible enough to be rolled up or folded. The material has another advantage: it is electrically conductive.

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Fraunhofer IKTS partners with Mayur REnergy to develop affordable green energy


Partnership seeks to solve the electricity situation in India and other developing countries with micro power plants installed in every house.

Tough tests for next generation ceramics

These CT scans showing the formation of microcracks in ceramic composites under applied tensile loads at 1,750 degrees Celsius were obtained at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source through the use of a unique mechanical testing rig.

Berkeley Lab researchers develop real-time CT-scan test rig for ceramic composites at ultrahigh temperatures.

Perovskite oxides: Group demonstrates technique for engineering ‘perfect’ heterointerfaces

Schematic of oxide film

Scientists engineer a chemically stable and atomically sharp lanthanum aluminate monolayer between LaAlO3 and strontium titanate heterostructures.

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LiNbO3-silica glass ceramics: a promising alternative for frequency conversion?

A typical crystallized spherulite.

Glass ceramics are of great interest for the development of optical elements with meter-scale dimensions for high power laser facilities.

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Interlocking Ceramic Elements Leads to Quasi-Plastic Properties

Interlocking Ceramic Elements

New work shows that the flexural deflection of ceramics can be increased by a factor of ten using segmented, interlocked structures.

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Reactive Fillers to Produce Wollastonite Bioceramics

Wollastonite Bioceramics

Scientists from Italy and the USA present an innovative processing method for the fabrication of 3D scaffolds for bone tissue engineering using either fused deposition or conventional hot extrusion.

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Corning delivers Gorilla Glass 2 for next-gen devices

Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning claims new Gorilla Glass 2 enables a 20% reduction in device thickness while maintaining exceptional scratch resistance.

Owens Corning Research Scientist Manoj Choudhary on Mathematical Modeling of Glass Behavior

Manoj Choudhary of Owens Corning - Glass Modeling Video Abstract

Owens Corning research scientist Manoj Choudhary talks to MaterialsViews about his recent review on the mathematical modeling of glass behavior.

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