Solvay acquires Plextronics to improve OLED offerings

Expansion also includes new electronics lab in Seoul, South Korean.

Europewide challenge to Moore’s law begins


New pan-european research projects aims to extend Moore’s law by reducing costs and improve the energy efficiency of electronic devices.

Research consortium on organic photovoltaics

Research Consortium on Organic Photovoltaics

The chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck leads the research project POPUP designed to help achieve the breakthrough of organic photovoltaics.

Laser bonding improves automotive electronics

Laser-welded copper ribbon bond. Image copyright Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen.

Industry and research join forces to improve bonding processes in the automotive industry.

Miniaturization by dint of a novel etching process

Miniaturization of printed circuit board_oxijet-anlage

The Germany company Akon revolutionized the entire electronics industry with a precise and environment friendly etching technology.

Revolutionary 3D displays

Revolutionary 3D displays

A new development pledges to revolutionize the fittings of future car interiors – 3D displays with homogeneous, fully customizable surfaces.

Dow Corning now a member of imec

Company will cooperate with imec to fabricate 3D integrated nanoelectronics.

CEA-Leti and EV group will jointly research wafer bonding technologies

Projects target more efficient 3D TSV integration and covalent bonding at room temperature.

Alchimer collaborate with CEA-Leti on TSV applications

Project will evaluate and implement Alchimer’s wet deposition processes for 300mm high-volume manufacturing.

Ascent Solar agree joint venture with Suqian government

Agreement covers a multi-faceted, three-phase project over the next six years for producing CIGS technology.