Smallest display chipset enables full HD projection

Texas Instruments - Digital Micromirror Device

Texas Instruments launches small display chipset with high potential for third-party developers.

Electric car with aluminum-air battery can go the distance


Alcoa and Phinergy build a demo car powered by a aluminum-air battery that can greatly extend travel range.

Multifunctional coating for public touch displays


Schott introduces what it claims to be the first permanently anti-reflective and oleophobic coating for touchscreens.

Engineers develop smart skins for aircrafts


Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detection of injury or damage.

Micro electric motors fly with the Rosetta mission


The European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Micro motors from the swiss manufacturer maxon have traveled with it.

Pixelligent and ORNL to collaborate on roll-to-roll fabrication

Joint project aims to optimize materials and formulations for improved performance and cost for roll-to-roll manufacturing, including for OLED devices.

Microchips that keep their cool up to 300 degrees C

Keeping their cool at 300 °C: the especially compact microchips of Fraunhofer IMS. Image copyright Fraunhofer IMS.

Researchers have fabricated compact SOI CMOS microchips that perform at temperatures the current generation of electronics can’t handle.

Solvay acquires Plextronics to improve OLED offerings

Expansion also includes new electronics lab in Seoul, South Korean.

Europewide challenge to Moore’s law begins


New pan-european research projects aims to extend Moore’s law by reducing costs and improve the energy efficiency of electronic devices.

Research consortium on organic photovoltaics

Research Consortium on Organic Photovoltaics

The chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck leads the research project POPUP designed to help achieve the breakthrough of organic photovoltaics.