Cutting-edge displays at CES 2016

Further development of OLED technology leads in commercial solutions.

Entering a hidden world: the infosphere

A new tablet application visualizes the surrounding network of signals

Electronics in textiles

Using the novel E-Thread technology, a yarn is able to feature electronic functions.

20 billion switches on a fingernail-sized chip

A development alliance produced the semiconductor industry’s first 7nm node test chips with functioning transistors.

Historic round-the-world flight

First round-the-world flight in a plane powered only by energy from the sun.

Smallest display chipset enables full HD projection

Texas Instruments launches small display chipset with high potential for third-party developers.

Electric car with aluminum-air battery can go the distance

Alcoa and Phinergy build a demo car powered by a aluminum-air battery that can greatly extend travel range.

Multifunctional coating for public touch displays

Schott introduces what it claims to be the first permanently anti-reflective and oleophobic coating for touchscreens.

Engineers develop smart skins for aircrafts

Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detection of injury or damage.

Micro electric motors fly with the Rosetta mission

The European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Micro motors from the swiss manufacturer maxon have traveled with it.