Sticking electric vehicles

A broad range of adhesive tapes of tesa support for electric cars.

Graphene analogues for high-performance energy storage applications

Graphene analogues, due to their remarkable electrochemical properties, have shown great potential in energy-related applications.

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ZSW Sets New World Record for Thin-film Solar Cells

The Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) has nudged up the performance bar for thin-film solar cells yet another notch.

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New ultrafiltration membrane for offshore application

GE’s new ZeeWeed* 700B Ultrafiltration membrane for seawater pretreatment, removal of sulfate and suspended solids.

Electricity from waste heat

For the first time so-called thermoelectric materials reliably convert waste heat directly into electricity.

Subsea concept to simplify oil exploration

Statoil presented a new subsea concept to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Research hydropower plant in the pastureland

Salzgitter AG and TU Braunschweig realize a research hydropower plant in Lower Saxony.

Hywind Pilot Wind Park in Scotland

Statoil plans to build the first floating wind farm off the Scottish coast

Tata Steel announce major solar project

Tata Steel has unveiled plans to create one of the world’s largest solar energy projects of its kind in the Netherlands

Partnership offers integrated energy storage module

Aquion Energy and Eguana Technologies collaborate to provide customers with an integrated energy storage module.