“Horizontal Strip Casting of Steel” joint project wins German President’s Award

(f.l.t.r.) Prof. Karl-Heinz Spitzer, Ulrich Grethe,  Burkhard Dahmen

Project partners Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, SMS Siemag AG, and the Technical University of Clausthal presented with award in Berlin.

Engineers develop smart skins for aircrafts


Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like ‘skin’, enabling the detection of injury or damage.

Time has come for electric aircraft

Time has come for electric aircraft

Airbus Group is now setting its sights on achieving silent, CO2-free, all-electric flight for both unmanned and passenger aircraft over the next three decades.

World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


MarkForged have introduced the Mark One 3D printer, which can print parts from continuous carbon fibers.

New wood-based production plants to save material

New wood-based production plants

Retrofit or new plant? This is the question machinery and plant manufacturer Siempelkamp will answer at the Xylexpo fair from May 13 to 17 this year.

Tital partners up with Rolls-Royce

Tital partner up with Rolls-Royce

Engine manufacturer counts on cooperation with German investment casting specialist Tital.

More efficient forging – on behalf of the EU

More efficient forging – on behalf of the EU

The German-based IPH is optimizing forging together with two other research institutes and four enterprises from five European countries.

Boring problems resolved

Boring problems resolved

The companies Schuler and Dörries Scharmann retrofitted an almost 30 year old boring machine.

Copper-nickel sheets against corrosion attacks

Copper-nickel sheathing_01

Copper-nickel sheathing on offshore structures offers a long-term alternative to conventional coating systems.

Revolutionary 3D displays

Revolutionary 3D displays

A new development pledges to revolutionize the fittings of future car interiors – 3D displays with homogeneous, fully customizable surfaces.