Nanosight acquired by Malvern

Malvern Instruments Ltd has acquired nanoparticle characterization company NanoSight Ltd. The acquisition was completed on 30th September 2013.

Thermo Fisher open new R&D center in Shanghai

China Innovation Center will significantly expand its research, development and training capabilities to support growth markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Most extreme UV microscope will help semiconductor manufacture

Goldberg, with team members Iacopo Mochi and Markus Benk, gather around the control center for the SHARP microscope, an extreme-ultraviolet-wavelength microscope dedicated to photomask imaging for the commercialization of EUV photolithography.

The world’s most advanced extreme-ultraviolet microscope is about to go online at theDOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Optical technique could be essential tool for computer chips

These three-dimensional tri-gate (FinFET) transistors are among the 3-D microchip structures that could be measured using through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM). Image: Intel Corporation.

Technique developed several years ago at NIST for improving optical microscopes could be applied to the next generation of computer chip circuit components.

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LANL and Tribogenics produce lightweight, low-cost X-ray system

A hand-held calculator that was X-rayed by Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers using the MiniMAX camera, a lightweight, portable X-ray machine that could revolution imaging of closed containers.

Handheld X-ray camera could provide real-time inspection of sealed containers and facilities.

World’s most powerful microscope open for business in Canada

Scanning transmission electron holography microscope, the first such microscope of its type in the world, up and running at University of Victoria.

Zeiss to aquire X-ray microscopy firm X-radia

Transaction is subject to the fulfillment of customary closing conditions including a required filing with the U.S. competition authorities.

University of Waterloo buys Veeco system for Quantum-Nano Centre

GEN10 Molecular Beam Epitaxy system will be installed in lab to be established by Professor Zbig Wasilewski.

SpaceX choose Netzsch as supplier of thermal analysis equipment

Instruments will be used to measure basic material properties of mission-critical systems.

PNNL recognized for transferring innovations to the marketplace

Lab wins three Federal Laboratory Consortium awards for energy storage, cancer treatment, and next-gen microchip work.