New bio-based polyol with excellent characteristics


BASF presents a new resin produced from renewable raw material without any disadvantage compared to petrochemical produced polyol.

Thermoplastic composite for spacecraft

Thermoplastic composite for spacecraft

Developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, TenCate supplies the Astro Aerospace with thermoplastic composites.

Raw materials for all segments


At the UTECH Europe 2015 in April, BASF has shown a broad range of new polyurethane systems.

Polymer solutions for food processing and consumer appliances

Polymer solutions for food processing and consumer appliances

Solvay expands their portfolio of materials solutions targeting the manufacture of commercial food service equipment

Renewable materials for footwear

Polyurethan-Innovationen für die Schuhindustrie / Polyurethane innovations for the footwear industry

BASF provides the footwear industry with polyurethane innovations that base on renewable resources.

New class of industrial polymers discovered


New experimental polymers delivers cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable materials ideal for electronics, aerospace, airline and automotive industries.

Tires made from flowers


Continental and Fraunhofer join forces to develop rubber made from dandelion plants for tire production.

Book Review: Computer Modeling for Injection Molding: Simulation, Optimization, and Control


Professor Roberto Pantani of the University of Salerno reviews Computer Modeling for Injection Molding, edited by Huamin Zhou.

Plastics project management: saving money in the wrong places

For a medical housing (“Example 2”), filling analysis confirmed that the short shots at the louvre vents (circled) resulted from cold spots and stagnant flow regions during molding.

Plastics consultant Mark Rosen looks at how efforts to save money in part development are often counter-productive.

Carbon dioxide – raw material of the future

13-08-28 CO2_Folder.indd

2nd CO2-Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers in “Haus der Technik” Essen, Germany, October 7th to 9th 2013