Ford uses foam and plastic made from CO2

Ford is the first automaker to develop foams and plastics using captured CO2 for its vehicle lineup

New ultrafiltration membrane for offshore application

GE’s new ZeeWeed* 700B Ultrafiltration membrane for seawater pretreatment, removal of sulfate and suspended solids.

Award for innovative release film

Infiana receives AIMCAL Award for its novel FlexPLAS release film

Dolls, robots and dinosaurs: 3D printing system for kids

Mattel is introducing a 3D printing system of mobile app plus printer to produce toys.

Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) meets the world in Aachen

28th International Colloquium Plastics Technology 2016: an international meeting place for the industry

Super-elastomeric polysiloxane liquids: breaking the record and the rule

Liquid polysiloxane materials set new record for high stretchability and challenge classic theory of elastomeric behavior.

PDFLink to the original paper on Wiley Online Library

Wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods

The increased use of wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods

New bio-based polyol with excellent characteristics

BASF presents a new resin produced from renewable raw material without any disadvantage compared to petrochemical produced polyol.

Thermoplastic composite for spacecraft

Developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, TenCate supplies the Astro Aerospace with thermoplastic composites.

Raw materials for all segments

At the UTECH Europe 2015 in April, BASF has shown a broad range of new polyurethane systems.