Steel/aluminum welding: lighter with lasers

The project is currently developing a laser welding process for joining three-dimensional structures made of steel and aluminum in a hybrid design.

3-D printed rocket engine

Successful NASA rocket fuel pump tests pave the way for 3-D printed demonstrator engine.

Unique large-scale battery system

Construction of the world’s first modular large-scale battery storage system begins in Aachen.

Wearing Graphene

Graphene has outstanding properties. Industry and researchers join forces to develop solutions for the use in textiles.

Resurrected batteries to stabilize power grid

A project involving three partners is connecting old batteries in Hamburg to form a large-scale storage system to keep the power grid stable.

Aviation biofuel made from tobacco plants

Boeing Partners with South African Airways for a pioneering project that will make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new tobacco plant, not cigarettes.

Thermo Fisher open new R&D center in Shanghai

China Innovation Center will significantly expand its research, development and training capabilities to support growth markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Integrated carbon nanotubes improve laser power measurement

NIST make “play for leadership in laser power measurements” with new chip design.

SpaceX choose Netzsch as supplier of thermal analysis equipment

Instruments will be used to measure basic material properties of mission-critical systems.

Testing pumps and valves for corrosion

Researchers from Kuhn Special Steel have investigated the corrosion properties of various alloys used in pump and valve systems.