Keeping Good Company with the Chameleon


Professor Ozin explores the chameleon’s color-shifting ability, and how the same principles have been utilised in the lab and in manufacturing.

CO2: Conflict or Harmony?

Figure 2. Peace -> War -> Peace with O2 again enabled by the endeavors of chemists and chemical engineers- Image courtesy of Chenxi Qian.

Professor Ozin asks the question; do we want war or peace with CO2?

Solar Refinery: Can we have our carbon cake and eat it too?

Scheme Futuristic ‘solar refinery’ for making fuels and chemicals from CO2, H2O and sunlight, Reproduced from A general framework for the assessment of solar fuel technologies, Energy & Environmental Science, DOI:  (or Ref XX) with permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Professor Ozin explores the feasability of a solar refinery for making fuels and chemicals from CO2, H2O and sunlight.

Charge of the Sunlight Brigade

Figure 1 Concept of a sustainable solar fuels earth founded upon the light-assisted photo-conversion of CO2 and H2O to solar fuels such as CH4.

Professor Ozin pays tribute to the materials scientists and engineers working to counteract the effects of fossil fuel induced climate change.

Advanced Science – The New Elite?


Professor Geoff Ozin, University of Toronto, discusses the elite journal publishing landscape in his latest opinion piece.

Jarring Fears – CO2 War or Peace?


Professor Geoff Ozin asks: do we want to fight carbon dioxide, or embrace it?

The global energy transition – do we have a Plan B?


What can we do if the IPCC’s response to climate change – assessment of risk, vulnerability, mitigation, adaptation and cost – fails to deliver?

Is semiconductor photocatalysis photochemical or thermochemical or both? (and do we care?)

Figure 2. Is your photocatalytic reaction powered by light or heat or both? Graphical illustration courtesy of Chenxi Qian.

Professor Ozin addresses a fundamental concern in the field of photocatalysis.

Real or Artifact: CO2 Photo-Catalysis versus Carbon Contamination

Leaf Mimic - Fact or Fiction. Graphic illustration courtesy of Chenxi Qian.

Geoff Ozin asks if carbon dioxide capture and utilization, a potential solution to the CO2 problem, is feasible with today’s photo-conversion technology.

A Fossil Fuel Free World

Illustration depicting how the leaf’s photosynthetic machinery for processing carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to solar fuels such as carbon monoxide, methane and methanol, is integrated into the nanoworld. Graphical illustration courtesy of Chexi Qian.

Professor Ozin explores the repercussions of giving up our fossil fuel addiction.