Is there enough platinum to run a solar-powered hydrogen economy?

In his latest piece, Professor Ozin considers the possibility of basing a future hydrogen economy on platinum catalysts.

Photothermal Desalination

How will the emerging field of photothermal materials applied to solar powered water desalination develop in the years ahead?

Electrified World

Could we be living without fossil fuels in just 30 years time? Professor Geoff Ozin looks at the likelihood of such a Utopian vision of the future.

Race for a CO2-to-Fuel Technology

The race is on to develop CO2-to-Fuel technology – in an invited editorial, Professor Ozin and co-workers give their view on the current state of the art.

Eureka moments in Nanochemistry – 2015 Centenary Award

Professor Geoff Ozin has received an RSC Centenary Award – we asked for his thoughts on the research that brought him here.

Keeping Good Company with the Chameleon

Professor Ozin explores the chameleon’s color-shifting ability, and how the same principles have been utilised in the lab and in manufacturing.

CO2: Conflict or Harmony?

Professor Ozin asks the question; do we want war or peace with CO2?

Solar Refinery: Can we have our carbon cake and eat it too?

Professor Ozin explores the feasability of a solar refinery for making fuels and chemicals from CO2, H2O and sunlight.

Charge of the Sunlight Brigade

Professor Ozin pays tribute to the materials scientists and engineers working to counteract the effects of fossil fuel induced climate change.

Advanced Science – The New Elite?

Professor Geoff Ozin, University of Toronto, discusses the elite journal publishing landscape in his latest opinion piece.