Operating simplicity in industrial microscopy at EUSPEN


Olympus will present its innovative range of opto-digital microscopy systems at the EUSPEN conference.

Optical Parametric Oscillator


Widely tunable, easy-to-operate single source “C-Wave” for applications such as spectroscopy, quantum optics and photochemistry. It was awarded with the Photonics West Prism-Award 2014.

Terahertz spectrometer for material analysis and substance identification


New stand-alone terahertz spectrometer “T-SPECTRALYZER” for many fields of analytical measurements. It was awarded with the Photonics West Prism-Award 2014.

Scientific CMOS Camera


Scientific sCMOS camera “ORCA-Flash4.0 LT Gen II” scientific CMOS camera with excellent image quality and high reliability. It delivers 2x the speed, 3x the field of view and up to 5x the signal-to-noise of even the best interline CCD cameras.

DSX series gains international recognition at design awards

1302OEH25Feb DSX Family iF Gold

Olympus is commended for the precise and contemporary design of its intuitive and easy-to-use, non-contact opto-digital microscope systems for materials science applications.

Precision metrology with laser scanning microscopy

1307OEH29May Precision metrology with laser scanning microscopy

The new Olympus LEXT OLS4100 3D laser scanning microscope offers users faster scan modes and enhanced panoramic display to improve the efficiency of non-contact, non-destructive inspection and metrology.

A solution for every task – OLYMPUS Stream 1.9

1314OEH13Nov Olympus Stream 1.9

Olympus has launched the latest version of its workflow-orientated materials science imaging software, Stream 1.9.

Ultra-small Laser Module for Customized Applications

#OP337_Fisba S12 Laserstrahlen

Ultra-small laser module “RGBeamlight” which precisely couples three wavelengths to be used directly or carried to the customer’s application through a multimode-fiber.

Miniature Precision TEC Controller


Addition to the popular portfolio of Peltier temperature controllers, the miniature “TEC-1091” controller. It delivers true bipolar ±4 A / ±19 V DC, resulting in a power density of >2 W/cm³.

Conduction-cooled Fiber-coupled Laser Diode Modules


Conduction-cooled, 200 µm fiber-coupled laser diode modules at 1470 nm and 1530 nm for medical applications.