Subsea concept to simplify oil exploration

Statoil presented a new subsea concept to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Supercontinuum Laser Sources With Unmatched Flexibility

Stand-alone, supercontinuum laser source “Solea” with unmatched flexibility in repetition rate. Variants covering two spectral domains ranging from 480 to 700 nm (“Solea”) or 900 nm (“SoleaR”) are available featuring either a tunable wavelength selector or only emitting the full supercontinuum spectrum (white variants).

New special steel for construction projects

Ugitech introduced special steel solutions to meet the demands of the construction industry

Meeting todays’ cutting requirements

Mitsubishi Materials introduce novel ISO insert series for advanced steel turning

Grinding of Advanced Materials

DMG Mori will present its new 5-axis grinding machine at the Grindtec 2016 trade fair

ABB’s largest ever robot

ABB introduced its highest payload, multipurpose industrial robot, IRB 8700.

Dolls, robots and dinosaurs: 3D printing system for kids

Mattel is introducing a 3D printing system of mobile app plus printer to produce toys.

Cutting-edge displays at CES 2016

Further development of OLED technology leads in commercial solutions.

Entering a hidden world: the infosphere

A new tablet application visualizes the surrounding network of signals

Wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods

The increased use of wood and natural fibre composites in consumer goods