Miniature Rotation Stage for Industry and Research


Q-614” miniature rotation positioning systems featuring high position resolution. With its turntable of only 14 mm in diameter and just 10 mm high, the rotation stage is one of the smallest precision rotation stages available on the market and is currently the smallest rotation stage within a series of stages with turntables measuring 22 mm or 30 mm in diameter which allows them to be equipped with an additional position sensor for closed-loop operation.

High-Resolution and Stable Linear Actuator Now also Available with Position Sensor


New linear actuator “N-472” from the “PiezoMike” series with integrated incremental encoder for the closed-loop adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components. The positioning control is designed for point-to-point motion and nanometer-precise positioning at the target position.

Fully Automated Raman Imaging System


Fully automated, easy-to-use, class-leading Raman imaging system “apyron” combining unrivaled spectral resolution in 3D confocal Raman imaging and extremely sensitive laser power determination with a mouse click. The device is presented for the first time at Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans, the major fair for lab instrumentation worldwide.

Automated 2 Position Rotary Table Workstation for More Throughput in Laser Marking


Compact workstations “M2000-R” and “M3000-R” with 2 position rotary tables for industrial laser material processing. Both high-throughput laser marking workstations are suited for the efficient and ergonomic processing of geometrically complex work pieces of varying sizes as well as small and large batches of parts.

ASK Chemicals receives BMW Innovation Award

ASK Chemicals honored with BMW Innovation Award

New inorganic binders for high-volume series production in engine casting enabled the BMW Group to implement zero-emission foundries with increased productivity and quality.

Compact tool for laser marking


A new all-in-one industrial laser unit is marking a broad spectrum of materials.

Low light detection with the new ORCA II


New camera in the “ORCA II” which is pushing the limits in ultra-low light detection and now comes with a 1M pixel Back-thinned CCD (BT-CCD), cooled down to -90°C and programmable trigger signal output.

Single-Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


New range of single-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. Thanks to the optimized oil return system, there are no pressure fluctuations in the new “ES” pumps that are often seen in single stage pumps improving product quality and giving consistent process results.

Operating simplicity in industrial microscopy at EUSPEN


Olympus will present its innovative range of opto-digital microscopy systems at the EUSPEN conference.

Optical Parametric Oscillator


Widely tunable, easy-to-operate single source “C-Wave” for applications such as spectroscopy, quantum optics and photochemistry. It was awarded with the Photonics West Prism-Award 2014.