Superior properties but prone to corrosion

Selective Dissolution of Retained Austenite in Nanostructured Ba

Australian scientists found cause and effect of nanostructured bainitic steel’s tendency to corrosion susceptibility.

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Tiny Channels for Enhancement

Schematic diagram of the sensor structure, comprised of
a transparent glass layer, a microfluidic region and a PC
surface for fluorescence enhancement

The enhancement of a liquid-based homogenous fluorescence assay has been achieved by using the resonant electric fields from a photonic crystal surface.

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Crystal defect research holds information for new material design

Defects in the crystal destroy the order of six-fold rotational symmetry. The structure on the left displays particles arranged in a pentagonal lattice; the structure on the right is a heptagonal lattice.

New study finds how defects affect two-dimensional crystalline structures, and the results hold information for designing new materials.

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Clay: cost-effective nanofiller for advanced polymeric composites

advanced polymeric composites

The state of the art in clay-containing polymer nanocomposites is critically reviewed by Suprakas Sinha Ray.

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New lig in town: Renewable hybrid electrode based on lignin confined on reduced graphene oxide


A renewable hybrid electrode consisting of lignin nanocrystals confined on reduced graphene oxide (RGO) is developed for energy storage materials.

Scalable CVD process developed for 2D molybdenum diselenide

This image from a scanning transmission electron microscope shows the individual atoms in a two-dimensional sheet of molybdenum diselenide. Source: E. Ringe/Rice University..

Rice, NTU scientists unveil CVD production for coveted 2-D semiconductor.

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Photonic Biofluid Diagnostics

jbio_v7_i3-4_Front cover

New publication shows the state-of-the-art in photonic biofluid diagnostics and points towards the bright future in the clinical sphere.

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A smart polymer kit for composing tailored novel materials

smart polymer kit

Peter J. Roth shows that postpolymerization modification reactions allow to compose well-defined stimulus-responsive materials.

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Anti-cancer system bursts nanoballoons with lasers

The image shows a nanoballoon before (left) and after (right) being hit by a red laser. The laser causes the balloon to pop open and release the anti-cancer drugs directly at a tumor. Image: Jonathan Lovell.

New drug delivery method targets cancer cells – not the entire body – and limits chemotherapy side effects.

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