ChemNanoMat opens for submissions


ChemNanoMat is the latest journal to be launched by Wiley-VCH and opened for submissions at the beginning of November.

Lanthanide nanoprobes for biomedical applications


Lanthanide(III) complexes have steadily found increasing use in both biosensing and bioimaging due to their advantageous emission properties.

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Graphene tubes in electrocatalysis


A group of researchers have developed a new hybrid catalyst technology to reduce oxygen at fuel cell cathodes.

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Advanced Science – Top Science with Maximum Accessibility


Wiley has launched a new interdisciplinary fully open access journal called Advanced Science.

Taking optoelectronics to the next level


A new fabrication method promises to revolutionise the production of optoelectronics in a study published in the new journal Advanced Science.

Manufacturing of Biodegradable Polymeric Components – call for papers


Submit a paper to the forthcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Applied Polymer Science on Manufacturing of Advanced Biodegradable Polymeric Components.

Advanced Optical Materials – November Issue Covers


Check out the articles highlighted on the covers of the latest issue of Advanced Optical Materials.

Measuring skin rejuvenation with two-photon microscopy


In vivo and non-invasive: Collagen remodeling after micro-ablative fractional laser resurfacing can be monitored by two-photon microscopy.

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A synergetic pairing: epifluorescent microscopy and electrophoretic microarrays


Detection of nanoparticles and DNA biomarkers at clinically relevant low levels can be achieved by combining epifluorescent microscopy with dielectrophoretic microarrays.

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Producing graphene nanosheet hybrid catalysts


A team introduce a soft processing approach for the continuous synthesis of high-quality graphene nanosheets via electrochemical exfoliation of graphite.

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