Carbon dioxide: from pollution to solution


Researchers show that nanoparticles sputtered onto black silicon nanowire supports activate conversion in a hydrogen atmosphere under solar-simulated light.

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Radiation protection from tungsten nanotechnology


Korean researchers have developed lightweight commercial gamma radiation shielding based on tungsten/polyethylene nanocomposites.

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The global energy transition – do we have a Plan B?


What can we do if the IPCC’s response to climate change – assessment of risk, vulnerability, mitigation, adaptation and cost – fails to deliver?

DIY Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor


A team have combined “lab-on-paper” technology with SERS to provide a label-free, ultrasensitive and powerful tool for the detection of specific molecules.

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Superhydrophobic nonwovens from naturally occurring polymers

a Japanese/German collaboration has succeeded in synthesising a biodegradable, hydrophobic polymer by modifying a naturally-occurring poly(amino acid) with a hydrophobic amino acid.

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Book review: Environmentally Friendly Polymer Nanocomposites


Professor Masami Okmoto of the Toyota Technological Institute reviews the first edition of Environmentally Friendly Polymer Nanocomposites.

Fishing for oil with a polymer sponge


A team from USTC have developed a new oil collection apparatus based on a combination of HPS with pipes and a self-priming pump.

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High-capacity battery uses only organic ingredients

American researchers design organic battery intended for deployment in power stations.

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The Chemistry of Energy Conversion and Storage: A Special Issue of ChemSusChem


A special issue of chemsuschem dedicated to the chemistry of energy conversion and storage.

Real or Artifact: CO2 Photo-Catalysis versus Carbon Contamination

Leaf Mimic - Fact or Fiction. Graphic illustration courtesy of Chenxi Qian.

Geoff Ozin asks if carbon dioxide capture and utilization, a potential solution to the CO2 problem, is feasible with today’s photo-conversion technology.