Better insulin-cell producing transplants

Polymer coating protects pancreatic islet cells by deactivating inflammatory reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen species (RNS).

Researchers develop a nanothin anti-inflammatory polymer material capable of decreasing immune responses involved in insulin-cell transplantation rejection.

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Video abstract: thermogelling polymers in medicine

Dr Loh Xian Jun discusses his review article on potential clinical applications for biodegrable thermogelling polymers.

Theranostics from a single nanoparticle platform

Researcers construct a multifunctional theranostic nanoplatform that gathers five diagnostic and therapeutic functions into one single nanocomposite.

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Flexible piezoelectrics in medicine

KAIST researchers discuss the recent progress of flexible piezoelectric thin-film harvesters and nanosensors for use in biomedical fields.

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Liquid gold nanogels enhance radiation therapy


Gold nanoparticles embedded in biocompatible nanogels are used as markers for improved image-guided radiotherapy.

Bioelectronics and the organic electrochemical transistor


Recent research in to the biological applications of the organic electrochemical transistor is reviewed in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science

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Particles for Healthcare Applications


Researchers highlight the potential and current biological and biomedical applications of micro- and nanoparticle research.

From Stem Cells to Nanotoxicology: Welcome to the World of Dr. David Tai Leong


David Tai Leong answers some questions about his world of nanobiology and new biomaterials.

Researchers find the recipe for degradable implants

Researchers found the recipe for degradable implants

Fraunhofer researchers have developed load bearing, biodegradable implants that are completely degraded in the body.

Treating cancer with low temperature plasma

illustration 5

Plasma Processes and Polymers publishes the first journal special issue that focuses on the application of low temperature plasma to cancer.