Tiny Channels for Enhancement

Schematic diagram of the sensor structure, comprised of
a transparent glass layer, a microfluidic region and a PC
surface for fluorescence enhancement

The enhancement of a liquid-based homogenous fluorescence assay has been achieved by using the resonant electric fields from a photonic crystal surface.

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Photonic Biofluid Diagnostics

jbio_v7_i3-4_Front cover

New publication shows the state-of-the-art in photonic biofluid diagnostics and points towards the bright future in the clinical sphere.

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Anti-cancer system bursts nanoballoons with lasers

The image shows a nanoballoon before (left) and after (right) being hit by a red laser. The laser causes the balloon to pop open and release the anti-cancer drugs directly at a tumor. Image: Jonathan Lovell.

New drug delivery method targets cancer cells – not the entire body – and limits chemotherapy side effects.

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Ultra-black silicon makes an excellent broadband absorber

Ultra-black silicon absorber

A novel ultra-black broadband absorber concept based on a needle-like silicon nanostructure has been developed by Jena researchers.

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Transverse mode localization in 3D deterministic aperiodic structures


Three-dimensional deterministic aperiodic structures are realized for the first time and studied with respect to their optical properties.

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Improving radio reception by converting the waves to light

In this artist's impression of the device, radio waves (green) arrive and are sent to the membrane (center) via gold wires. This induces charge oscillations on the 4-segment electrode right underneath (~1 µm distance) the membrane. Electric forces thus make the membrane move. This motion is detected with a laser beam (red), with an extreme accuracy (1 femtometer per second measurement time), translating to a very high sensitivity to radio waves. Image: Niels Bohr Institute.

New approach to radio interference provides all-optical detection of micro- and radiowaves with noise mitigation 1000x better than existing methods.

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Multi-spectral materials in the visible, infrared, and terahertz

multi-spectral materials

The combination of a plasmonic color filter and a terahertz metamaterial absorber exhibits unique resonant phenomena over several decades of wavelengths.

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Hyperuniform disordered photonic materials with a complete band gap


Due to their unique properties these fascinating materials are predicted to possess a complete photonic bandgap without any long-range order.

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Best of Advanced Optical Materials – Now online


Advanced Optical Materials has made a selection of the best articles from 2013 available to download for free.

New measuring system for special optic devices

New measuring system for special optic devices_FotoSabineNollmann (2)

University spin-off wants to enter the market with EasyPrecision – a high-precision optical measuring system.