Silicone Rubber Knee

Silicone rubber knee

Researchers launch new medical technology project investigating a cmposite structure made of silicone rubber for use as a cruciate ligament implant.

Polymer International – IUPAC Award 2016 Nominations

The Executive Editorial Board of Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division have announced the 5th award for creativity in applied polymer science or polymer technology.

Understanding polymerization processes and mechanisms: a special issue on statistical modeling

statistical modeling tools

Macromolecular Reaction Engineering presents recent mathematical tools and approaches for polymerization reaction engineering, guest-edited by Jose Carlos Pinto.

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Self-organized materials for optoelectronic applications


A recent special issue in Macromolecular Rapid Communications highlights research output on optoelectronics from a German-Korean cooperation.

Polymer Science Impact Factors for 2015

Highlights from the 2014 edition of the journal citation report for polymer science.

Molecular Doors: Adaptable Hydrogels


Recent advances in the design of adaptable hydrogels for cell-encapsulation, cell-culture, and cell-transplantation applications are reviewed.

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Fiber optics goes biocompatible and implantable


Researchers turn hydrogels into biocompatible optical fibers that can be functionalized for medical applications beyond endoscopy.

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Easy strategies toward mononodispersity


Solid-phase chemistry is a powerful tool for the synthesis of monodisperse sequence-defined polymers. Lutz and coworkers discuss pros and cons.

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Novel tissue substitute made of high-tech fibers


Regenerative medicine uses cells harvested from the patient’s own body to heal damaged tissue.

En route to biological applications: self-assembled fluorescent nanoparticles


Researchers from the Netherlands present a timely overview on self-assembled fluorene or perylene based chromophores focussing on biological applications.

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