Anisotropic interlayer coupling in atomically thin ReS2

Atomically thin transition-metal-dichalcogenides (TMDCs) have recently attracted a lot of research interest. Like graphene, they can be prepared as two-dimensional crystals by exfoliation. Unlike graphene, they are semiconductors with large band gaps, which make them interesting for potential optoelectronic device applications. While TMDCs based on group-VI metals like Molybdenum and Tungsten, such as MoS2 and […]

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A Unified View of Dynamic Interfaces

Researchers from the University of Akron provide an early picture of a unified understanding of dynamic interfaces in nanostructured polymeric materials.

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Inkjet Printed Polyimide Films for Capacitors

Fan Zhang, Christopher Tuck, Richard Hague, Yinfeng He, Ehab Saleh, You Li, Craig Sturgess and Ricky Wildman present the first continuous fabrication of inkjet-printed polyimide films in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science. The films were then used as insulating layers in capacitors. Polyimide films are traditionally fabricated by lithography, requiring the use of photoresist that […]

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Understanding Chain Growth Limitations

In many applications, obtaining thicker polymer layers upon surface initiated radical polymerization would be advantageous. Towards this goal a better theoretical understanding of the mechanisms behind chain growth is crucial.

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New technique offers strong, flawless 3D printed ceramics

Researchers have developed a way to create ceramics using 3D printing that results in a strong material with little tendency to crack

Novel photocatalytic system with remarkably high activity

A cocatalyst with complete spatial separation of oxidation and reduction sites has been developed by researchers at Tianjin University.

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Open Access Articles in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science in 2015

Online Open articles are freely available to all on the Wiley Online Library. In 2015 the Journal of Applied Polymer Science saw 12 Online Open articles, listed below.   Controlling water permeability of composite films of polylactide acid, cellulose, and xyloglucan by Sofie Gårdebjer, Anette Larsson, Caroline Löfgren and Anna Ström in Volume 132, Issue 1 […]

Like crystallizes like: universal lysozyme-based coating facilitates protein crystallization

Scientists develop a superhydrophobic coating technique based on the lysozyme fiber network, which provides a facile platform for protein crystallization.

Cell Growth and Proliferation with Zwitterionic Polynorbornene

A zwitterionic polynorbornen-modified surface facilitates growth and proliferation of model endothelial cells.

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Just Antimicrobial is not Enough

Lienkamp and coworkers propose polymer surfaces with antimicrobial and antifouling functionalities designed to fight biofilm formation in medical devices.

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