Low-energy and high-spatial-resolution EDS mapping


This webinar discusses the signal origin and limiting factors for the spatial resolution of the X-ray signal in EDS mapping and explores ways to optimize these parameters to achieve various data collection goals.

Using Small Spot XRF Analysis to Solve Industrial Forensic Challenges


This event dicusses the theory and strengths of XRF measurements, and gives some examples from various industrial sectors.

Filter methods for image analysis in microscopy


This webinar explores the most common and important filter methods, including how they work and how they affect the actual image.

Contrast Methods in Industrial Inspection Microscopy


Markus Fabich runs through the various contrast methods that exist for use in inspection microscopy in this webinar, sponsored by Olympus – now available to view on demand.

Innovative preparation method of heterogeneous materials for near-perfect EM observation


Leica Microsystems and Lille University researchers present their latest preparation method, which produces extremely smooth surfaces, and is ready for use – webinar now available on demand.

Quantitative image analysis in microscopy


A guide to the basics of threshold-based quantitative image analysis in microscopy, kindly sponsored by Olympus Europa.

Designing Scientific Figures

Professors Karen Cheng and Marco Rolandi of the University of Washington

An online guide from Professors Karen Cheng and Marco Rolandi of the University of Washington.

Coloration Technology: Getting Published

Coloration Technology: Getting Published

Getting published – a webinar presented by the journal Coloration Technology.