Ironmaking with a microwave, evolution, and greener steel

In the first issue of the newly redesigned Steel Research International, biology meets steel-making in the Editor’s Choice paper where researchers use genetic algorithms to discover novel steel alloys. And, as featured on the front cover this month, a team from Yonsei University investigated the effect of titania additions on the viscosity of blast furnace slag.  On a related topic Seetharaman and coworkers map the solidus and liquidus temperatures of slags with X-ray radiography and DSC.

Iron ore reduction with microwaves

Green steel-making is also the focus of 3 articles in this month’s issue, with researchers from São Paulo use microwaves to reduce iron ore, Baoshan Iron and Steel Corporation and Shanghai University put forward a new iron bath reactor concept and low CO2 hot metal production by integrating the blast furnace route and FINEX® process is reported in an article from Montanuniversität Leoben, Siemens and voestalpine.

Steel Research International cover

The front cover of the February issue of Steel Research International

Also in this month’s issue:

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