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The Macromolecular Journals regularly sponsor prizes for the best poster or oral presentations at selected international conferences, preferably awarded to aspiring younger scientists. The prizes encompass vouchers for books from the Wiley/Wiley-VCH program and free subscriptions to the Macromolecular Journals.

Macro Covers 2013

More prize winners (summer/fall 2014) added ! (Click here for details)


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Special Issues:

Precisely-Controlled-Polymer-Architectures-via-Molecular-Engineering  Science-and-Technology-of-Bio-Inspired-Adhesives  Advanced-Functional-Polymers-for-Medicine

“Precisely Controlled Polymer Architectures via Molecular Engineering”, guest-edited by Jean-François Lutz, Brent Sumerlin, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

“Science and Technology of Bio-Inspired Adhesives”, guest-edited by Hadi Izadi, Alexander Penlidis

“Advanced Functional Polymers for Medicine”, guest-edited by Andreas Lendlein


Examples of related book titles:

Handbook-of-Biopolymer-Based-Materials  Semiconducting-Polymer-Composites  Characterization-of-Polymer-Blends  Modeling-and-Prediction-of-Polymer-Nanocomposite-Properties

Handbook-of-Polymer-Crystallization  Complex-Macromolecular-Architectures  Handbook-of-Polymer-Synthesis-Characterization-and-Processing  Polymer-Adhesion-Friction-and-Lubrication