Forming perovskite films with ALD from a seed layer


Researchers have formed perovskite films from a seed layer grown with atomic layer deposition, an standard technology for dielectric materials.

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Hyperuniform disordered photonic materials with a complete band gap


Due to their unique properties these fascinating materials are predicted to possess a complete photonic bandgap without any long-range order.

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Ultratech Announces Asset Acquisition of Cambridge Nanotech

Company announces aquisition assests of former leader in atomic layer deposition (ALD) solutions.

Molecular Layer Deposition: building hybrid materials one layer at at time

Molecular Layer Deposition Alucones

As the applications of nanotechnology grow more sophisticated, the controlled deposition of exceedingly thin layers of materials becomes of ever growing importance.  A well-known technique called atomic layer deposition (ALD) can meet this challenge quite well for the deposition of thin inorganic oxide films.  Using this method, films can be deposited one atomic layer at […]

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Mato Knez receives Gaede Prize 2012

Dr. Mato Knez, winner of the 2012 Gaede prize.

The German Vacuum Society and the German Physical Society have honored Dr. Mato Knez for his exceptional achievements in the development of new concepts for materials synthesis on the nano and microscale via atomic layer deposition.