Combining ferroelectrics and graphene for data storage

Schematics of a ferroelectric-graphene-ferroelectric nanostructure. Different domains of ferroelectrics can define densely packed waveguide patterns on graphene. Terahertz plasmons at ultrashort wavelength can flow on these waveguides. Image: Qing Hu.

New system uses two-dimensional structures to guide plasmonic waves at ultrashort wavelength, offering a new platform for memory and computer chips.

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Optical memory using leaky ferroelectrics?

A schematic of the bismuth ferroite spatially-resolved photodetector showing the diffraction-limited laser raster-scanning the device channel. The inset is a photograph of the device electrodes taken through an optical microscope.

Scientists probe the optoelectric behaviour of bismuth ferrite at the nanoscale and propose a novel ferroelectric-based memory application.

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Any Shape, Any Substrate Ferroelectric Materials

Ferroelectric materials

A new method of making ferroelectrics that uses a heated probe tip means they can be produced directly on virtually any substrate and in any shape.

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