Optical fiber devices for microfluidics integration open up new horizons for advanced “lab-on-a-chip” technologies.

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New Routes to Polystyrene Foams via Lab-on-a-Chip Techniques

Polystyrene foams with controlled pore sizes and narrow pore size distributions have been synthesized via lab-on-a-chip techniques.

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Advanced Optical Materials Top 5 – March 2015

The month’s top articles from the field of nanooptics, optoelectronics, optical devices, detectors & sensors, micro/nano resonators and more.

Improving plasmonic sensors to better detect biomolecules

Researchers combine nanoplasmonic architectures and interferometry to bring nanoscale biosensors to near-commercial levels of sensitivity.

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Potential REP Lab-on-a-Chip System for Medicine and Research

New technology combines a laser and electric fields to separate particles and microbes by size.

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Special Issue: Lab-on-a-Chip Based Diagnostics

The issue aims to provide a representative and comprehensive overview on the broad range of current biophotonics on-chip, spanning the full range from chip fabrication to applications in biomedical sensing and related fields.

Enhancing fertility by microfluidics and biophotonics

Lab-on-a-chip method, when combined with biophotonics, can be used to assay for metabolites, to separate gametes via optoelectrical tweezers, or to improve the vitrification of oocytes.

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Rapid Microfluidic Sorting for On-chip Capture and Analysis of Single Cells

On-chip culturing and molecular profiling of captured cancer cells using a low-cost, rapid microfluidic cell sorter device

2D On-Chip Magnetic Actuation

A group from FZ Juelich have investigated methods for controlling magnetic particle clouds on microwire crossbar chips.

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