Miniature Rotation Stage for Industry and Research

Q-614” miniature rotation positioning systems featuring high position resolution. With its turntable of only 14 mm in diameter and just 10 mm high, the rotation stage is one of the smallest precision rotation stages available on the market and is currently the smallest rotation stage within a series of stages with turntables measuring 22 mm or 30 mm in diameter which allows them to be equipped with an additional position sensor for closed-loop operation.

High-Resolution and Stable Linear Actuator Now also Available with Position Sensor

New linear actuator “N-472” from the “PiezoMike” series with integrated incremental encoder for the closed-loop adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components. The positioning control is designed for point-to-point motion and nanometer-precise positioning at the target position.

New metals analyser designed for the foundry and metals industry

Oxford Instruments developed an entry level laboratory spectrometer for the quantitative element analysis of metal samples. The new instrument is designed for stationary use as a benchtop unit.

Standard High-Voltage Power Supplies for Mass Spectrometry Applications

Compact general-purpose power supply modules “MSS” series for applications that require a small footprint with high levels of performance like mass spectrometry, for instance. For these supplies, the company has used the experience gained over many years of developing custom supplies.

Scan-Macroscope for the Quality Control of Medical Implants

New Scan-Macroscope with integrated bright-field illumination and telecentric lens for the automated quality control of the geometry and texture of stents.

Polarization Analyzer for Fiber Optic and Free Beam Application

“SK010PA” series polarization analyzer, a comprehensive universal measurement and test system for free beam applications and fiber-coupled laser sources.

Precision Motorized microscope stage M-687 XY

Precision Motorized Microscope Stage is driven by High-Stability Piezo Linear Motors

Modular and Compact Interferometers

Modular and compact “µPhase” interferometers which offer objective and precise measurement results of surface and wavefront measurements.

A New Handheld Analyzer for a Huge Range of Materials

Bruker introduces a new handheld XRF analyzer for metals alloy verification, recycling and scrap sorting

Microscope with Z-Drift Compensation System

Inverted “IX81” microscope with the new “ZDC2” Z-Drift compensation system which automatically maintains focus when capturing multiple images.