Combining of Fluorescence Microscopy with an AFM

Combination of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) with the single-molecule-sensitive fluorescence microscopy platform “MicroTime 200” that grants fascinating insights into the structure, dynamics, and interactions of single molecules or their assemblies in cells.

Picosecond Pulse Laser Platform for STED Microscopy

Pulsed laser platform “VisIR-765 STED”, developed especially for use as depletion laser in STimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscopy applications. It generates picosecond laser pulses optimized for STED.

Operating simplicity in industrial microscopy at EUSPEN

Olympus will present its innovative range of opto-digital microscopy systems at the EUSPEN conference.

Piezo Drives for Objectives – Precise, Fast and Economical

In microscopy, a fast and simultaneously precise motion of the Z axis is required for different tasks

LED Light Source for Microscopes

Compact LED light source “ilumLED” with four integrated LED chips for, e.g., microscopes.

Precision Motorized microscope stage M-687 XY

Precision Motorized Microscope Stage is driven by High-Stability Piezo Linear Motors

Microscope with Z-Drift Compensation System

Inverted “IX81” microscope with the new “ZDC2” Z-Drift compensation system which automatically maintains focus when capturing multiple images.

High Quality Fluorescent Image Deconvolution Systems

“BX63” microscope systems for maximal quality of fluorescence images captured as part of life science research projects.