Solvay acquires Plextronics to improve OLED offerings

Expansion also includes new electronics lab in Seoul, South Korean.

Book review: Handbook of Organic Materials for Optical and (Opto)Electronic Devices

Handbook of Organic Materials for Optical and (Opto)Electronic Devices_hi-res

Antonio Facchetti reviews the first edition of the Handbook of Organic Materials for Optical and (Opto)Electronic Devices.

Deuterium changes the electronic properties of organic solar cells

Conceptual drawing shows a flexible organic photovoltaic made from an acceptor of PCBM (buckyball with earth) and the donor of deuterated conducting polymer. The polymer blend in the device (bottom) will harvest the sunlight to generate electrical power. (carbon:blue; sulfur: yellow; hydrogen: white; deuterium: purple). Image: Christopher Rouleau, CNMS.

Multidisciplinary ORNL team discovers unexpected effect of heavy hydrogen in organic solar cells.

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Useful Uncertainty Causes Ultrafast Charge Transfer in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

Solar cell installation by Konarka, Inc.

In a Review Article in the Advanced Materials 25th anniversary series, Nobel Laureate Alan J. Heeger discusses BHJ solar cell operation and how efficiencies can top 20%.

Easy and cheap fabrication gives brilliant OFET performance

C12-BTBT assemblies within the OFET channel without (first column) and with (second column) ozone treatment.

Researchers use C12-BTBT and a simple, cheap and easily up-scalable method to provide outstanding OFET performance.

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Integrating electronics with cells to detect bacteria


Device made of organic transistor integrated with a human intestinal cell-line successfully detects Salmonella typhimurium.

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Polymers in Boston at the 2013 MRS Fall Meeting

Polymer scientists at the 2013 MRS Fall meeting in Boston brought another year of materials science research to a close with a bang.

A little on a lot versus a lot on a little – the printing revolution


Roll-to-roll printing gives organic electronics a competitive edge.

UCLA engineers develop a stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display

Researchers have developed a transparent, elastic organic light-emitting device that can be twisted at room temperature while retaining its original shape.

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Organic Semiconductor Films in Inkjet-Etched Microwells


Organic semiconductor films are produced in regular arrays of inkjet-etched microwells, demonstrating potential for large-scale flexible electronics.

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