Ian M. Ward honored with Staudinger-Durrer Prize

At the Materials Day Symposium held at ETH Zurich on November 23rd, Ian M. Ward was honored the Staudinger-Durrer Prize for his outstanding contributions in mechanical properties of solid polymers and polymer-based composites.

Professor Ward currently teaches at the school of Physics and Astronomy at Leeds University and is a visiting lecturer at University of Bradford. His research areas of interest include novel polymer composites, polymer electrolytes, and synthetic biopolymers.

In the past, he was the head of Basic Physics at ICI Fibres, a senior lecturer in the Physics of Materials at Bristol University, and the chairman of the Physics Department at Leeds University. He was also the first director of the UK Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science and Technology (at Leeds, Bradford and Durham Universities). In addition, he was elected to the Royal Society and won numerous awards including the Griffith Medal, the Swinburne Medal, and the Netlon Medal. He is also the co-author of Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers, now in its 3rd-edition.

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Source: Wiley Live

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