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Nanolithography for Fabricating Chiral Nanostructures

The pursuit for novel materials with fascinating and unprecedented optical properties has continued apace in recent years by way of theoretical, experimental, and nanotechnological developments. Chiral nanomaterials represent a significant class of materials, important in developing areas of nanoplasmonics. Chiral nanostructures are usually fabricated by bottom-up (involving growth and self-assembly by chemical approaches) or top-down lithography-based methods.

Kay Dietrich and colleagues from the Friedrich-Schiller Universität in Jena, Germany have developed a new fabrication method called “on-edge lithography”, in which nanostructures are attached to edged pre-structured templates. This novel technique embodies a deterministic, 3D, high-resolution, large-scale, and highly versatile nanolithography method and is capable of producing chiral nanomaterials in an efficient, accurate, and reproducible manner. This use of this technique is reported in a recent article published in the Advanced Optical Materials section of Advanced materials: “Circular Dichroism from Chiral Nanomaterial Fabricated by On-Edge Lithography”. Simulations and optical-transmission studies of a chiral, nanostructured material fabricated by this new lithographic method are also discussed.

The research was reported in Advanced Optical Materials, a new section in Advanced Materials dedicated to breakthrough discoveries and fundamental research in photonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, and more, covering all aspects of light-matter interactions. To get Advanced Optical Materials email alerts click here. Advanced Optical Materials will start as an independent journal in 2013. More information can be found on www.advopticalmat.de.

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