Silica Optical Fiber Technology for Device and Components

  As the emphasis in optical fiber research expands from transmission media to functional fiber devices, various types of specialty optical fibers are being actively developed. Especially in dense wavelength multiplexing (DWDM) systems, novel functions such as fiber filters, fiber MUX/DEMUX, fiber amplifiers, among others, are constantly needed and supplied by specialty fibers. Until recently, optical fibers were treated as passive transmission media with very little attention given to these novel fiber technologies. Features of the book include:
* Includes review of specialty fiber fabrication technologies.
* Discussion of dispersion managed fiber technology for high capacity WDM applications.
* Covers optical fiber technologies for broadband fiber amplifiers, optical fiber technologies for fiber filleters based on periodic coupling, optical fiber technologies for fiber branching devices, and optical fiber technologies for fiber terminations. [472 Pages, Hardcover]

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